Nim Dorji | Bumthang

With the starting of dog population management, 30 percent of the stray dogs in Bumthang are expected to be adopted.

The regional livestock development centre in Zhemgang initiated the dog population management programme in Bumthang as a part of the dog management and waste management flagship programme.

According to the livestock regional director, Dr Jambay Dorji, unlike the dog sterilisation programme, the new programme aims to minimise dog population by 95 percent, 100 percent vaccination and 100 percent pet dog registration.

A dog survey in Bumthang revealed there are 4,358 dogs in Bumthang, of which 1,835 are pets and 2,523 are strays.

Dr Jambay Dorji said that 68 percent of the dogs in Bumthang were not sterilised and, through this programme, the dog population would be reduced.

He said the programme was initiated for the health and welfare of dogs. “Microchip will be installed in all pet dogs for monitoring and evaluation.”

He said in the first two weeks of May, it would also cover the highland areas.