Crime: Prostitution is rampant in Phuentsholing, and those who run prostitution houses are mostly Indians from across the border.

Eight Indians were arrested for prostitution-related cases in Phuentsholing.  Two prostitution promoters recently were granted bail of Nu 45,000.

Two Indian sex workers are in custody still, and a Bhutanese man has also been charged with petty misdemeanour for failure to report the crime.

Police arrested 13 people in a raid on February 18.  Six were women.  The raid was conducted in a building in Chinese Lane inside the border.

Police found that a building in Chinese Lane was operating as a safe haven for sex givers and seekers.  Two of the 13 arrested were pimps.

The Bhutanese man, who was also charged with the crime, has a hotel license.  The hotel flats were leased to two Indian men, who have gone missing.

By Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing