Taxi: To decongest traffic and avoid random parking along the road, a total of 31 taxi pick and drop zones have been designated in the capital. Twenty one of these zones are along the expressway.

Following a request from taxi drivers during a meeting on May 9, Royal Bhutan Police (RBP), Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) and Thimphu thromde introduced 21 pick and drop zones along the expressway between  Lungtenzampa and Babesa.

Superintendent of traffic police, Major Namgay said that the RBP and RSTA informed and sensitised the taxi drivers about the pick and drop system.

The rule was implemented since June 10 and if taxi and city bus drivers are found stopping at places other than the designated pick and drop areas, a fine of Nu 750 for the offense of not following traffic instructions will be imposed.

All taxi and city bus drivers as well as passengers are expected to use the identified pick and drop stands so that traffic management and its regulations are effective and convenient to all users, a press release from traffic police stated.

Other vehicles however aren’t allowed to stop at these points.

“If a driver of a private vehicle needs to stop for emergency like attending a call, the driver can stop at the un-metallic road area,” Major Namgay said.

The renaming 10 pick and drop zones were introduced in the core city area since August last year. The press release states that the objective for introducing such stands is to regulate smooth flow of vehicle movement, avoid motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents.

By Dechen Tshomo