Dhamngoi zomdu in Punakha ended on March 10 with eight National Council (NC) candidates from seven gewogs and the dzongkhag’s throm.

Gewog zomdu in the dzongkhag began on March 5.

The dzongkhag has 11 gewogs.

Punakha gewog has two female candidates.

Former lecturer, Dechen Zangmo, from Guma gewog received 264 ‘yes’ votes against 173 ‘no’ votes. There were 437 voters from the gewog.

Dzomi gewog’s Lhaki Dolma got 279 ‘yes’ votes against 35 ‘no’ votes.

Talog and Toedwang gewog saw two candidates each from the gewog.

Talog gewog’s Tshencho Wangdi, former tour operator, won with 373 votes. Talog gewog had 533 voters.

From Toedwang gewog, former Member of Parliament, Namgay Wangchuk, secured 560 votes. A total of 906 votes were cast in the gewog.

Toedwang gewog saw the maximum voter turnout in the dzongkhag.

Punakha thromde’s NC candidate, Sonam, a former structural engineer, got 52 ‘yes’ votes and one ‘no’ vote.

Kabisa gewog nominated a hotel executive, Rinchen Dorji with 225 ‘yes’ votes against 71 ‘no’ votes.

Toepaisa gewog’s NC candidate, Dechen Thaiye Dorji, secured 217 ‘yes’ votes and 28 ‘no’ votes.

Barp gewog’s nominee, Kinley Wangchuk, a former teacher and principal received 204 ‘yes’ votes and 23 ‘no’ votes.

Lingmukha, Goenshari, Chhubu, and Shenga-Bjime gewogs did not have candidate for the NC seat.

Punakha has about 16,650 registered voters.

Phurpa Lhamo | Punakha