Nima Wangdi 

Former gup and the only aspiring candidate for gup in upcoming local government elections from Tashidingkha-Zami chiwog for Dhangchu gewog in Wangdue was disqualified on November 22.

Royal Audit Authority (RAA) revoked his audit clearance.

Pemba, 37, said the revocation of his audit clearance came on last day of document submission to the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB).

“I had submitted all my documents by the time I received a message from returning officer stating that my audit clearance was revoked,” he said.

He said he did not know the reason for revocation and came to Thimphu to seek clarifications for the authorities.

“I went to RAA and was directed to Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). I went there and waited to meet the commissioner,” he said.

He was told that there was a case in which he was involved and the case was forwarded to the office of the attorney general.

Deputy attorney general wrote a letter to the director of department of elections on November 22 requesting revocation of Pemba’s audit clearance. The letter stated that RAA had issued audit clearance to Pemba and the former mangi without referring to ACC’s September 30 letter this year.

“I am not disappointed because RAA revoked my audit clearance but I am unhappy for the voters who were deprived of choice,” Pemba said. “Had the authorities revoked the clearance earlier, there could have been another candidate.”

He said: “Even dhamngoi zomdu is over now and the RAA has revoked audit clearance after everything has been done,” he said.

RAA issued audit clearance for Pemba on November 12, who said that the case ACC is referring to occurred when he was a mangi and was even resolved.

RAA officials said that the Authority was compiling similar cases.