Neten Dorji | Trashiyangtse

Given the distance and the farm road’s condition in monsoon, the only route that connects Rabtey chiwog from Tongzhang gewog in Trashiyangtse, the people there is a need for a separate route from Yowashing side.

The Kholongchu separates the chiwog from the Yangtse gewog centre and there is no separate access road to connect it to Rabtey.

Villagers either have to walk for several hours or drive through Tongzhang gewog to Kongcholing to reach Yangtse.

A resident, Dema, said the road that connects the chiwog from Tongzhang gewog was not pliable during monsoon. “Though we have farm road connection, it only benefits upper villages of Rabtey Chiwog.”

She said that without farm road connection, people could not take the power tiller to their fields.

Another villager, Sither Phuntsho, said: “Many farmers would benefit if the gewog administration could construct the farm road from Yowashing. Development should be seen from this perspective.”

Most farmers, he said, owned paddy fields in the lower part of Ratey Chiwog.

Villagers say that transporting vegetables and crops in the summer is difficult due to the absence of road connectivity.

“People only grow potatoes and other vegetables for self-consumption, as it is difficult to take it to the market, “ said Kado, a farmer.

A farmer, Tshering Gyeltshen, said that vehicles had to route through Tongzhang gewog which took time. “In summer, the road can’t be used at all.”

Rabitey Tshogpa, Thukten Tashi, said the need for a separate farm road was discussed with the gewog administration.

Villagers claimed that every time there is an election, the party candidates and local leaders promise the farm road.

“The Political Parties and local leaders pledged to connect our villages, but it is forgotten once they are elected,” a farmer said.

Yangtse gup, Goenpo, said that the gewog administration would start the road construction soon.  “We are well aware of the problems and road construction is expected to begin by the next month. Survey has been done and everything is ready.”

The Gup said the gewog administration has allocated a budget of Nu 1.3 million and road construction would continue from the financial year 2021-2022.

The road will benefit more than 40 households of Rabtey Chiwog.