Phurpa Lhamo

The Mochhu diversion works at Gasa Tshachhu area has been delayed due to unexpected boulders at the diversion point.

The river flows along the tshachhu guesthouse and ponds area in a curve.

Tshachhu Manager Tandin Dorji said that the plan was to avoid the curve and divert water in a straight path.

In peak monsoon, swelling Mochhu possess risks to the visitors and the structures at the hot spring.

The 2009 flood damaged the tshachhu significantly. Shops, police outpost, a neykhang, guesthouse and ponds were washed off.

Tandin Dorji said that the tshachhu management had planned to complete the work by end of April, before monsoon begins.

He added that drilling compressor was damaged and work was stopped three days. “We have now have new machine and work has resumed.”

The diversion work began in December last year.

Today, almost 90 percent of the total 800-metre stretch has been completed.

Heavy rainfall has also caused landslides along the 2km road to Gasa tshachhu

The management tried clearing the landslide and the work continued for about two weeks.

“Now we have closed the road and have informed the people to park their vehicles at the junction and walk to the site,” Tandin Dorji said.

Although the landslide has occurred at a single point, due to multiple turnings of the roads, there are three blocks at different sites.

The tshachhu management today does not accept more than 100 people at the site to ensure safety amid the pandemic.