Nim Dorji | Trongsa

It’s paddy harvest season in Trongsa. Farmers have looked forward to having a bountiful harvest, but rain and a windstorm on October 16 damaged the crop in some areas, incurring a huge loss to the owners.

In Langthel gewog, Lingdi farm had paddy fields of almost 15 acres, but the windstorm damaged the crops in more than five acres of it.

One of the farm owners, Tharchen, said they were expecting a bountiful harvest, as they had managed to save the crop from wild animals.

“We would have harvested it in two weeks’ time if not for the damage,” he said. “I am worried that we won’t get even 30 percent of the harvest now.”

Lingdi farm was established with a loan of Nu 1M from National CSI Bank and Nu 700,000 from the project founder.

“We are worried about how to repay the loan,” Tharchen said.

He said that when they availed the loan from NCSI Bank, Nu 72,000 was deducted for insurance. “We thought it was for farm insurance, but upon inquiry, we were informed that the money was deducted for farm proponent’s insurance.”

Tharchen said they would not get crop compensation if the money was for the proponent’s insurance. “As the loan was for the farm, the funds should have been for farm insurance.”

He said that it is really discouraging to do agricultural work because of limited returns and natural disasters. 

“We have requested that the gewog agriculture department visit the farm.”

Similarly, in Nubi gewog, rain damaged the harvested crop.

Gagar tshogpa Kelzang Jurme said many households lost their paddy crop to the rain as it was lying in the fields. “If the rain continues for the next few days, all the harvest will be damaged.”

He said that villagers depend on agriculture and livestock. “Even cattle refuse to eat paddy straw damaged by rain. It will affect livestock production in winter.”

Nubi Gup Ugyen Tenzin said farmers who harvested the paddy and left it in the fields will have a damaged product. “We didn’t get any formal report of damage yet.”

According to the dzongkhag agriculture officials, they have not received any formal report of damage. “If we receive any reports, we will investigate,” an official said.