Heavy downpour in two hours damaged about 78 acres of maize fields belonging to 93 households and 37 acres of potato fields belonging to 58 households in four gewogs of Mongar on the night of May 15.

Of the four affected gewogs, Drepong was affected the most with 49 households losing about 60 acres of maize and 48 households losing 30 acres of potato.

In Thangrong gewog, seven acres of potato belonging to 10 households and 14 acres of maize belonging to 16 households were reported damaged.

In Ngatshang gewog, 16 households reported damages of about three acres of maize field.

Drametse gewog reported damages to an acre of maize belonging to 12 households.

Ngatshang gup Dorji Leki said that about three acres of maize fields belonging to eight households were damaged in Tagor village and eight households of Zangdari village.

The gup said that rain has filled almost six acres of paddy field. “About an acre of land is not usable.”

The dzongkhag agriculture officer, Khampa, said that the affected maize is in early stage while the potato is in maturing stage.

He said they are compiling reports to send to the Department of Disaster Management (DDM).

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar