Jigmi Wangdi 

The national daily minimum wage will be increased from Nu 215 to Nu 460 along with provident funds to the national workforce, according to Labour Minister Lyonpo Karma Dorji.

Maenbi-Tsaenkhar MP Choki Gyeltshen asked the minister when the government would implement its pledge to increase the minimum wage rate during the question hour in the National Assembly on November 18.

Lyonpo said that the ministry has done a lot of work by conducting research.

“Following the research findings, we submitted a formal request to the Ministry of Finance proposing to increase the wage rate from Nu 215 to Nu 460,” he said.

Lyonpo said that owing to a budget deficit in the country, this change could not be implemented. The two ministries are working to increase the wage rate when the situation improves.

“Through the research in the past two months, we were able to identify 2,800 people in the national workforce,” Lyonpo said, “When we increase their wage rate to Nu 460, the annual budget required will be around Nu 350 million.”

Lyonpo said that the World Bank is supporting the labour ministry to increase the wage.

“We are looking into the incomes of the private sector, tax payments, and the country’s economic situation. The ministry is working with the Department of Revenue and Customs on this,” said Lyonpo.  “We are studying the pros and cons.”