Jigmi Wangdi

Police nabbed three out of the 10 detainees who escaped from the detention centre in Thimphu in the early hours of November 22.

Two were rearrested in Thimphu and the other escapee, an Indian, was apprehended at Takti Koti on the Thimphu-Phuentsholing highway.

The detainees reportedly made out from the detention centre’s toilet window. It is believed that the escapees used a hacksaw blade to cut the window bars.

The police also arrested a man who drove them until Kamji in Chhukha. The Indian escapee who was re-arrested was among the seven who are still at large.

An investigation into the lapses that led to the escape of 10 detainees is underway.

Deputy Chief of Police, Colonel Passang Dorji, said that the officials responsible would be held accountable. “We are conducting inquiries.”

Colonel Passang Dorji said that the police are in touch with the acquaintances and relatives of the escapees. “We are monitoring the situations.”

Any help from the public would be appreciated, Colonel Passang Dorji said. “We request the public to come forward with any information about the escapees.”

More than 300 police personnel have been deployed to the border areas and points of entry.     

An RBP official said that it is difficult to predict what an “alleged” criminal is capable of doing. “Threats can’t be taken lightly.”

Police officials said that the infrastructure and facilities of detention centres need improvement.

“Our detention centres are in pathetic condition,” an official said, adding that sometimes detainees have to be crammed into a single cell together.

The escapees were detained for drug trafficking, burglary, rape, and voluntary manslaughter cases. Two are Indians.