Jigmi Wangdi 

Police have ruled out any criminal intent or sabotage in an explosion that took place in a hotel in Thimphu on April 19.

It was learnt that a water geyser exploded on the second floor of the hotel.

According to police officials, there were no signs of foreign materials at the site and police ruled out the use of any Improvised Explosive Device.

“We came to this decision with the help of our explosive detection dogs. The canine unit did not find any foreign materials after the explosion,” the RBP official said.

Since there was a major electrical blackout in Thimphu that evening, sources have also speculated that the electrical surge may have caused the geyser to explode.

Some have also questioned the quality of the geyser. However, these are yet to be determined.

There were no casualties in the explosion. The hotel had around 30 guests who had all been moved to different hotels right after the explosion.

The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited is working together with foreign experts in carrying out a detailed investigation to ascertain the actual cause of the explosion.