Reforms: Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) has approved amendments to the BCSR 2012 concerning career progression for supervisory and support (s&s) category. The reform is aimed to address the issue of career stagnation in all position categories.

The commission has replaced the overlapping Position Level of P3, P4 & P5 with the new concept of Senior Supervisor (SS2 to SS4); provided every civil servant in S&S category with an additional career advancement up to SS1, which is equivalent to P2; and smooth career movement up to SS1 irrespective of the entry and qualification with increase in promotion duration to five years for promotion from S1 to SS4 and above.

Currently, movement to P5, P4 and P3 is based on entry and qualification even though experience matters in these positions. Limited career movement for civil servants entering at S2 and  S1, leading to long number of years in the same position level since P3, is the highest position Level they can move up to. This has resulted in low morale and motivation. Also, overlapping position levels (P5, P4, & P3) between S&S and professional and management (P&M) category create confusion in the system and complicate HR actions and management.

With the reform, 203 civil servants who are currently stagnated at S1, PS, P4 and P3 will be promoted provided they fulfill all promotion criteria, which will benefit about 12,000 civil servants who are between in S5 and P3 levels whose career otherwise would be stagnated.


Civil servants who have entered in S&S category and have progressed to P&M category (P5, P4 & P3) will be ‘remapped’ to SS4, SS3 and SS2. However, remapping will exclude civil servants who, by Vested Right Principle, were placed in officer positions during position classification system.

Sections of BCSR 2012 were amended and will come into effect from 1st March 2016.

Promotion will be effective from 1st July 2016 promotion. Human resource officers (HRO) will process and approve the promotion of civil servants from S1 to SS4, SS3, SS2 and SS1 provided the civil servant has completed minimum duration of five years in the current position level and has clear service record, among others.

HROs will also process the promotion of civil servants to be promoted from S1 to SS4, SS3, SS2 and SS1 provided they have completed minimum duration of four years in the current position level and fulfilled all the criteria.

According to RCSC, these reforms were initiated to attract, retain and motivate civil servants to achieve the objective of shaping and leading a unified, apolitical, meritorious and professional civil service.

Jigme Wangchuk


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