Govt. to nominate a replacement

Yangchen C Rinzin

Amidst rumours that Trongsa dzongdag Tenzin Dorji was suspended, Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) clarified that he has not been suspended.

RCSC officials said they recalled the dzongdag as per the executive and specialists’ management division policy but did not specify why.

An official said as per the policy, executive transfers are aligned with ensuring their services are best utilised in the interest of the government, ensure the best fit of the person to the job, diversifying the civil servants’ experience and capabilities, and avoid a prolonged stay in one place, agency or position.

“The Commission decided to recall the dzongdag in line with policy and practice and this doesn’t mean suspension,” the official said. “The commission will explore appropriate position and appoint Tenzin Dorji in other agency if there is a job fit for him.”

Officials claimed that there was no administrative lapses, legal reasons or corruption-related case against the dzongdag.

Dzongdag Tenzin Dorji left office on November 18. He was appointed as dzongdag in August 2018.

Meanwhile, local residents in Trongsa created their own theory after the dzongdag left. Many were confused.

A local leader said people speculated various reasons, as no one from the dzongkhag knew why RCSC recalled him. “No one knows what actually happened and why the dzongdag did not return.”

According to a gup, there were rumours that he was suspended for corruption. “Some said an administrative action was taken against the dzongdag.”

Local leaders said they questioned the dzongkhag administration but they were told the dzongdag was on leave. “Then we heard RCSC suspended him.”

A Trongsa resident said people are forced to speculate when information is not clear. “There are rumours that people and officials complained about the dzongdag about his complacency and inefficiency as a dzongdag.”

Meanwhile, Trongsa dzongrab is managing and heading the current situation.

RCSC officials said that the process of filling the vacant position is in an advanced stage of replacing the dzongdag and the commission expects the government to appoint a new dzongdag.