Dechen Dolkar 

Of the 2,529 civil servants who resigned by the end of 2022, the Royal Civil Service recruited 839 new civil servants this year.

However, sources said that the new recruits were directly appointed from the graduates, after an exodus of civil servants resigning voluntarily. Last year alone, 1,488 civil servants resigned voluntarily which is the highest number as compared to the previous years.

According to officials from Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC), all the new recruits are those who have appeared in the Bhutan Civil Service Examination (BCSE).

The official said that for this year the number of new recruits is the highest because it is in the transition period where BSCE-selected candidates are directly recruited without having to attend the one-year postgraduate diploma course. The commission discontinued the course from this year’s intake.

The official also said that there is a cohort of new recruits who were BSCE-selected candidates of 2021 and attended a one-year PGD course.

From the new recruits for various sectors, the highest number was in the education sector (497).

The Ministry of Health has recruited 110 new employees in the professional and management category and provided an orientation. Similarly, the Ministry of Finance also has 84 new recruits.

The RCSC has also announced a vacancy for six in-service senior civil servants for the post of a director and executive secretary.

The RCSC decided not to allow civil servants to prefix and suffix different types of leave to Extraordinary Leave (EOL) from December 27.

However, some of the agencies have come up with their own internal guidelines for availing of the EOL and some agencies have made it mandatory for people who wish to avail of EOL to serve a six months notice.

As per the RCSC record, 542 civil servants went on EOL last year.