Dechen Dolkar 

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) will recruit candidates for the executive positions from the specialist category and outside the civil service.

The executive positions include directors, director general, dzongdag, and secretaries.

According to RCSC, they have revised the executive selection framework to expand the talent pool for leadership positions in the civil service.

However, last year, RCSC announced that the primary criteria for shortlisting executive position, the candidates should meet educational qualification requirements prescribed in the position directory and terms of reference. The candidates should also be currently in P1 A management position, completed a minimum of two years of active service in current position level at the time of announced application deadline, and minimum number of years requirement should be 16 years excluding extraordinary leave.

The other criteria should be that the leadership potential assessment result will be used to determine the eligible pools for the selection interview and applicants shortlisted through primary criteria will sit for two hours’ written assessment.

However, the RCSC has amended it as per the decision of the 175th commission recently. 

RSCS stated that now the candidates from the specialist category and outside the civil service may be considered for civil service executive positions.

RSCC also stated that the selection process will involve assessing the candidates’ domain and leadership competencies. This may be done through assessments such as situational judgement tests, group and individual interviews that look at the skills, experience, and qualification required for each position.

RCSC mentioned that the commission will increase the level of involvement from senior representatives from the relevant agencies and domain clusters to ensure that the most suitable candidate is selected for the position.

The RCSC will also work more closely with senior representatives from the agencies and domain clusters to  develop the job descriptions, and consider compensating factors for exceptional cases where a candidate may not have met the criteria.

“There will be greater representation from the agencies in the selection panel that may also involve independent members or experts,” RCSC stated.