Rural Enterprise Development Corporation Ltd loan scam was one of the most discussed issues in Tsirang in the past year.

The Office of the Attorney General investigated and found two party workers of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had violated trade rules to obtain loan from REDCL. The much-awaited refund for the loan applicants (farmers) has finally come through.

OAG has directed Department of Trade to penalise the duo.

In 2016, Gopal Waiba Lama and RD Subha, called for applications to form an Integrated Farming and Food Processing Project in the dzongkhag. But their attempts to establish the cooperatives and the bank failed. However, they collected at least Nu 300 from each applicant. A total of 73 groups, comprising of 407 farmers, became members of the agro-cooperative.

On the health side, over 200 students of Damphu and Mendrelgang Central School were infected with influenza virus. Several people in Darchhargang village suffering from mental caught the notice of the dzongkhag. According to records with the dzongkhag health sector, Tsirang has 47 people with mental and behavioral disorder.

The government has decided to strengthen mental health care facility in the 12th Plan by providing a psychiatrist and a clinical counsellor each in the regional referral hospitals.

On the infrastructure developmental part, one important achievement that the dzongkhag witnessed was completion of blacktopping all its 57.21km GC roads.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang