Premiere: To celebrate Bhutanese feature films, its innovation and to generate more support at a local and international level, the re-edited version of Gyalsey- Legacy of a Prince, premiered on the national television on December 12.

Re-editing works of the film started in 2013 with the help of Hollywood filmmakers. Few scenes were deleted and the story streamlined with the theme, which was missing from the original movie. The cast is kept the same and a new scene is added at the end of the movie.

Director and actor, Jamyang Wangchuk, said the premiere of the re-edited version aims to generate support from the audience so that the movie can achieve international distribution and represent Bhutan on a global level.

“Only one Bhutanese feature film has reached the international market so far. If Gyalsey can do that, then we can also inspire local filmmakers and artists to achieve excellence through the film,” he said.

Woven within the theme of the bodhisattva vow of eradicating the suffering of mankind through compassion, the movie captures the essence of the theme in this modern love story.

Destiny brings Jamyang (Jamyang Wangchuk) and Sangay (Sangay Choden Tenzin) together, and as they fall in love they learn the true meaning of this vow.

They claim it was also destiny that brought Jamyang Wangchuk and Aine Carey, a film director and founder of the Bhutan Culture Company, together in 2012 during a workshop in Thimphu.

Jamyang Wangchuk showed his film to Aine Carey and had asked if she could mentor him.

Aine Carey said she was impressed and believed that the film, with some refining, could reach and impress an international audience.

“We also received volunteer help from Hollywood post production professionals to help the film reach its fullest potential,” Aine Carey said. “We believe that we can achieve international distribution and represent Bhutan in an international level.”

To reach this goal, they need the support from the nation and international friends and partners, Jamyang Wangchuk said.

“If we can achieve the goal of international distribution, local films can be recognized on an international level,” he said. “This way, we can also inform them about the country’s unique culture and attract tourism and international attention.”

The success of one filmmaker opens the doors for the entire industry and provide inspiration to others who are trying to achieve their dream, Jamyang Wangchuk said.

“The premiere was the final for the Bhutanese audience now,” he said. “The next step for us is to plan the screening of the film in the international market.”

Thinley Zangmo