KP Sharma

The Education and Skills Development Minister Dimple Thapa, is getting ready to call Saturday off as a school day as well as the mandatory Individual Work Plan for the teachers.

However, she has much bigger issues at hand – from the high rate of teacher attrition, and its consequence on the widening shortages of trained teachers, to national-level concerns on the quality of education.

But, besides being the lone female minister, she also holds to the promise of ushering in a positive transformation within the education sector.

“I am optimistic about handling challenges like teacher attrition and shortages because we have already come up with strategies to tackle it,” Lyonpo added.

Hailing from the Ugyentse-Yoeseltse constituency in Samtse, Lyonpo Dimple Thapa, holds a Master of Science in Mountain Forestry from the University of BOKU, Austria, and a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry in India.

Before her resignation in April 2022, Lyonpo Dimple Thapa was the Chief Forestry Officer for the Territorial Divisional Office in Tsirang.

Her civil service journey began as a Forestry Officer in 2005 and she has since held various responsibilities within the Department of Forests and Park Services.

Lyonpo Dimple Thapa said that she is honoured to lead the Ministry of Education and Skill Development, considering it an important and sacred responsibility. “I am delighted that I am appointed based on my capabilities,” she said.

The minister said that her foremost priority is a comprehensive overhaul of the long-overdue education system, aiming for substantial improvements. She committed to addressing the systemic issues and implementing effective reforms to ensure a robust and quality education for all.

While some have raised doubts about her ability to effectively transform the education sector due to her background in a different field, Lyonpo Dimple Thapa remains optimistic and assertive in her capability to efficiently manage the ministry.

“Coming from a different background doesn’t make any difference to me.”

Lyonpo added that it gives her opportunity to learn new things.