From health of the patients to the health of the nation, one of the priority activities for Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) would be to revamp medical proficiency and provide better health care services to the people.    

DNT President, Dr Lotay Tshering shared this during a familiarisation tour at Manthung village in Kanglung on June 20. 

Explaining the party’s ideology of narrowing the gap between the haves and have-nots, the president said that of all the gaps, the biggest differences were that of regional health disparities.

Dr Lotay Tshering said that all major health facilities are currently centred in the capital. He said that with the party’s primary activity built around revamping health services, DNT intends to minimise cross-district referrals. 

Sharing an incident where he witnessed a pregnant mother losing her unborn child and eventually succumbing to complications during referral procedures, the president said the situation has remained almost the same in the last 15 years.

“If DNT loses this year I would be sad but not because I lost but because people would suffer for another five years and in the process we would lose so many lives,” said the president.    

Given the location, population and number of institutions in Kanglung, Dr Lotay Tshering said the gewog has the potential to come up with a multi-specialty general hospital. 

He said that the current system of basic health units, a general hospital in each dzongkhag and the distribution of the infrastructures and medical equipment needed a revamp. 

The president assured the people that by becoming the head of the government he would not engage in frequent international travels and be involved in numerous opening ceremonies but rather spend that time with his patients. “I’m a passionate surgeon and I’ll always find time to be in the operation theatre,” he said. 

Like a patient affected with diseases in multiple organs, Dr Lotay Tshering said that Bhutan as a nation is at risk of multiple incurable diseases. “Without timely intervention, this could become malignant,” he said. 

The president said that he is concerned about the democratic and constitutional values of the elected leaders. “I was deeply worried when the cabinet secretary and the director general of the local governance identified themselves with a party in power,” he said, questioning the morality of the head of the government and the two bureaucrats. “These people are the most senior bureaucrats who could influence the voters the most.”

Meanwhile, the party’s candidate from Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong constituency, Tenzin Namgyel, was also present during the familiarisation tour along with Chokhor-Tang constituency candidate, Dawa, and other party members. 

Tenzin Namgyel and Nima are former journalists.

Meanwhile, people who attended the meeting had their reasons for turning up.

Lhendup, 59, said it was important to attend the programme to know the party’s ideologies and how it would benefit the public. 

“Many people don’t take interest in such events but for me, it is crucial to decide my vote,” he said. “The party has good intentions. Now let’s see what the other parties have to say. I’m already excited about the elections.” 

Younten Tshedup | Kanglung