Covid-19 appears to be receding. At long last, there is a general feeling of sweet deliverance.

We are looking forward to more relaxation from May 2—entertainment centres will open and businesses will be allowed to operate until 11pm. Further, spectators will be allowed for both indoor and outdoor games.

While we must celebrate the news, it is important to not forget that we have still a very long way to go before we fully open. The responsibility of care unto oneself and others is critically important, especially at this juncture.

It is important to remember too that we now have the confidence to deal with the many surprises and complications that the virus has been throwing at us. The structures that we built in response to the rising cases—informed by an acute sense of our vulnerabilities—are there to fall back on if things turn out badly.

In fact, we now have a much more organised and better-managed system to handle the eruption of Covid-19 cases in the communities. However, the danger is not over—not yet. Some countries around the world are calling for tougher Covid-19 measures as cases explode from time to time.

Ours is a measured phase-wise re-opening, which allows us time to respond quickly in case of rising positive cases in the communities. That’s why we may never have to react like many countries are impelled to in recent days and weeks.

Just because we are opening all the entertainment centres doesn’t mean that we can forget Covid-19 protocols. Shops can open for longer hours but they must still insist their customers abide by the standing Covid-19 measures and requirements. Games and sports are open for both players and spectators but those with signs and symptoms of Covid-19 are discouraged from taking part in sports activities.

While mass gatherings, including religious and cultural congregations, will be allowed not more than 100 people should gather at the same time—and people must follow the Covid-19 protocols such as wearing facemasks and washing their hands regularly. In case an event involves more than the number of people allowed, organiser must seek clearance from the National Covid-19 Taskforce.

These are simple things that we can ensure. If we move on with such care and concern, we can enjoy more relaxation in the future.