Remains of a woman found in Chamgang

Crime: Thimphu police recovered body believed to be of a woman in the forest of Dungna Sekha near Helela in Chamgang on December 6.

After a complaint was lodged by the Mangmi of Dagala gewog, police and forensic team arrived at the scene around 8:30pm the same day. The body was found some 2 hours walk from the main road.

Police said that although it was difficult to identify the gender of the deceased, the bone structure and the hair strands near the skull suggested that it to be a body of an adult female.

“The bone parts were scattered all over the place,” police said.

Police said that the body has to be identified. “The body needs to be claimed. Only then can we start the investigation on the cause of the death and other relevant enquiries.”

Police found from the area a gold-plated earring, a bracelet and a silver locket tied with a sungkey, a pair of blue-faded jeans, along with a green colour shirt with wordings “ECOKOUNLTD and a black hooded shirt.

Younten Tshedup 

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  1. bhutjolokia
    bhutjolokia says:

    “ecko unltd” (with rhino logo) is a fashion brand since late 1990s, associated with hip hop,street style,
    skate boards & graffiti art. the remains of the green colour shirt might belong to this brand, which is rare.

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