Thinley Namgay 

The formation cutting of the Naro gewog centre (GC) road in Thimphu will complete soon. Only 3.5 kilometres (km) of work is left to reach Barshong, where the gewog is currently located.

The construction of the 29km GC road from Dodeyna began in 2010.

Department of Roads (DoR) Director-General, Tenzin, said that the formation cutting would be completed next month. “The blacktopping will be done by the dzongkhag after the formation cutting.”

Naro’s Gup Wangchuk said that the work was supposed to completed early this year. However, he said that the challenging geographical terrain, financial constraints, and lack of capable labourers made it difficult to meet the dateline for many years.

Wangchuk said that the work was not delayed amid the Covid-19 pandemic. “Four excavators are deployed at the site.”

It was the Thimphu dzongkhag who first carried out the work during the tenure of the first government. However, it was handed to the DoR during the PDP government.

After completing the road, Naro’s 75 households with a population of 310 will reap the benefit. Moreover, cheaper transportation of goods will also take place within the nearby northern highland gewogs such as Lingzhi and Soe where peoples depend on livestock and collection of herbs like Naro.

Currently, people of these highland gewogs are transporting goods from the capital with the help of horses and mule in a harsh climatic condition, especially in winter.