The Rephey-Koshala bypass road in Langthel, Trongsa is expected to open to traffic by February next year once the two bridges connecting the bypass are completed.

The 16kms bypass has already been blacktopped and handed over to the Departments of Roads (DoR) in May this year. People of nearby villages are already using the road.

DoR’s chief engineer for Trongsa region Ugyen Dorji said all the blacktopping and other related works are completed and they are now working on the two bridges.

He said constructing the steel truss bridge over Dangdung stream work is completed 97 percent.

He said by end of next month, all works will be completed and the bridge would be ready to use, Ugyen Dorji said.

Officials said that in the Yurmung bridge abutment work has been completed and works are underway to erect the bridge. “ About 80 percent work has been completed and we are trying to complete it by January 2019,” he said.

The bypass, which is expected to shorten the Trongsa-Zhemgang highway by almost 17kms, is double-laned and passes through the villages of Namther, Enducholing and Dangdung in Langthel.

DoR officials said that the construction got delayed as the distance of the road was increased by 200meters from what was surveyed earlier,” he said. “The rocky cliff was another barrier.”

As of now, workers of Lamnekha Construction Private Limited are working on the two bridges.

Project officer with the construction company, Tashi Rabgay, said after the completion of Dangdung Bridge they are currently working on road.

The government of India provided Nu 1,240 million (M) for the construction of the road and bridges.

The construction for the bypass began in 2012 and once completed, people travelling from Trongsa to Zhemgang and Gelephu will no longer have to pass through Langthel town. It takes commuters about three hours to reach Langthel today given the bad road condition. The bypass will shorten the travel time by an hours, officials said.

Ugyen Dorji  | Trongsa