We have seen it in the past. It is here again. In the days ahead as election nears we will see more of it in their varied shades and manifestations.

Should we be worried?

Attacks on individuals, groups and organisations are so distastefully rampant it borders on the militancy. And all these are happening behind the veil of anonymity on social media, particularly Facebook.

Few would be surprised if the many anonymous accounts that are rearing their ugly heads are indeed supported and paid for by certain power blocs to wage relentless war of words and to get at each other’s neck. That a person of serene head, upon his own counsel, should launch mindless attacks on someone or a group of persons just because he is on the other side is stretching belief. It is insanity of the worst kind playing out.

Malicious, unjustified and calculated harming of a person’s reputation is the basest form of reasoning we could resort to.

What is disconcerting about the new developments on social media this time round is that naming and shaming of individuals may be creating fecund grounds for deep and dangerous divide in the society. As a small society, social disharmony is the last thing we want. The danger is that it is exactly there the worthless hubris of the insane and mindless character assassinations could be leading us.

What can we as responsible citizens do?

Report. It can and should be done. If you chance upon pages that contain posts that are likely to provoke social unrest and deep hatred in the society, worse along the lines of religion, culture and ethnicity – report. It may be best sometimes to just let it ride and mind your own business but the danger is that a sizable number of our people could be vulnerable and susceptible to such despicable improprieties.

No responsible Bhutanese should engage in such corrupt and sordid form of campaign. Report to remove dangerous accounts.