YK Poudel | Samtse

Residents of Samtse town complain that the delay in the completion of a six-kilometre water supply project is posing risks to motorists and pedestrians.

The project, which is expected to solve the growing water shortage issue in the town area, was supposed to be completed last month but has been delayed due to a number of factors, including the Covid-19 pandemic and a shortage of labour.

The delay has posed a hindrance for the residents, especially from Devithang and AWP areas.

Tshering Drukpa, a resident at Devithang, raised that dusts covered everything by evening. “Risk of accidents is very high.”

Choden, a resident said that the work is never-ending and has caused inconvenience for the residents. “The work is taking so long to complete. The big drain dug has to be looked into.”

“Piles of soil and gravel are being stocked on the road, the drains are big and this is risky when vehicles are travelling,” she said. 

The residents have complained about the dust pollution caused by the open drains that have been dug for the water supply. They have also expressed concern about the safety of their children, who have to walk past the open drains on their way to school.

Aliash Gurung, a taxi driver said that the area has become an accident-prone area with huge piles of soil and rocks on the road. “The drains are deep with loose soil that may cause accidents.”

“There will be so many pedestrians and animals commuting. Speed is a risk these days along this road. Giving side for heavy vehicles is a major hindrance we see,” he said.

The contractor of the project, Ngawang, has apologised for the inconvenience caused to the residents. He said that the project is almost complete and that they will be filling up the drains and restoring the road as soon as possible.

He said that they are working to complete the project at the earliest and that they will be filling up the drains and restoring the road as soon as possible.

The residents have welcomed the contractor’s assurance and have expressed hope that the project will be completed soon.