DSC00552Royal Audit Authority’s new Auditor General Tshering Kezang joined Office on August 6 and formally took over the charge from the Executive Committee, which was assigned to oversee the daily functions after the former Auditor General Dasho Ugen Chewang completed his term. He shares his views with Kuensel on the way forward for RAA.


1. What is your immediate priority for RAA?

First, I have to understand the new system although I have worked here before. Today, I had feedback sessions with the colleagues, which I will slowly work on. Things are systematic and planned already in the new office, which I don’t have to worry much about. However, I have to meet all the staff and see what can be done for the way forward.

2. Since you have already worked in RAA before, how does it feel to return to the same institution?

I feel at home here since I know most of the staff and the system of the workplace. I consider it a huge responsibility to be appointed by the throne. So I want to work with dedication to serve the Tsawa-sum.

3. One of the biggest challenges the RAA is facing today is the lack of compliance with the audit memos issued to the agencies and in recovery of funds. How are you planning to address these challenges?

I don’t think these are the biggest challenges RAA is facing today. However, to address these issues we need to work together with agencies and look for a way forward. One of the challenges we face today is retaining employees. I am thinking of consulting with the relevant department and ministries. I hope I can address these issues. When we work together, there will be some challenges anyway but it is important to have the right intentions while addressing such issues.

4  Collaborating with agencies and other constitutional offices especially the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is necessary to prevent wastage and issues of performance. How closely do you wish to work with these agencies?

The post holders who worked before me has worked closely with such agencies and it is very important to continue working closely with them especially the ACC to curb corruption. I am looking forward to work very closely with them.

5. There are issues pertaining to audit clearances of politicians and civil servants who are under investigation by other agencies. Would you allow the RAA to issue audit clearances in such situations?

For these issues, the RAA has a system, which I have yet to find out. However, if a person is under RAA’s observation or ACC investigation and unless we get in writing from the ACC to hold the clearance, we issue the audit clearances. But we need to find out the facts before going on with the decisions. I have yet to know and learn the system when and not to issue an audit clearance

6. Any other comments

It’s an honour to work here and I must say I am learning on the job despite having worked in RAA before. I will try to serve to the best of my ability and fulfil the aspirations of His Majesty The King.


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