Chhimi Dema 

If you are looking for an adventure, here is Worlds of Wonder: Journey to the Floating Paradise I, a book by a 13-year-old.

A fantasy fiction, every page of the book unleashes magical and supernatural events.

Dremith Kuendhen, 12, sets off on a journey with his two best friends to find the Floating Paradise. Finding the paradise is the centre of the story that brings to light many events, some catastrophic and others heart-warming.

The characters face challenges and fight monsters and dragons as they continue to discover new places. It is also the journey that teaches them the values of friendship and life.

As they explore the magical and mysterious world around them, they find the truth about themselves and meet people dear to them from the past.

Dremith Kuendhen is courageous, strong, wise, and caring.

The characters are crafted with expert skills.

Worlds of Wonder: Journey to the Floating Paradise I is a book offering young readers an exclusive world of fantasy.

The author, Pema Yangsel Dorji, 13, is a student at Dr Tobgyel School.

Pema said that she writes from her dreams and incidents in her real life. “The thing I like about writing is that I get to create my world and fill it with my ideas and stories.”

The book was launched on September 4.

Pema finished the second book and is currently working on the third book of the series.

Pema Yangsel is also the youngest chess player to represent Bhutan in the 44th Chess Olympiad held in August this year.

Title: Worlds of Wonder: Journey to the Floating Paradise I

Author: Pema Yangsel Dorji

Nu. 199

ISBN: 978-99980-59-177