Staff reporter

Following the death of a 49-year old man, Haa dzongkhag administration formed a committee and investigated when the patient died two days after being admitted to the dzongkhag hospital.

As per the dzongkhag’s finding, the cause of death was septic shock secondary to peritonitis due to abdominal trauma.

The patient from Wangtsa village was brought to the hospital on December 24 after falling off the roof of a two-storey house.

The hospital discharged the patient on the same day as initial medical examinations did not find external injuries.

However, the patient returned to the hospital two days later complaining of severe abdominal pain and shortness of breath.

As per the report, the patient’s vital organs were stable until the next morning, when his condition worsened.

It was found that the patient had a wound with pus above the genitalia.  The patient was stabilised and immediately referred to JDWNRH after consultation.

According to a health official, who was a member of the committee, the patient’s vitals were monitored frequently, but his condition worsened after crossing the Chelela pass.

“Medical escorts planned to take the patient to Paro hospital, but, unfortunately, the patient died on the way.”

One of the victim’s sisters took to social media stating that her brother might have survived had the medical officials recognised the case’s seriousness on time.