Hi sir,

Which of the two is better – white rice or brown rice? 


Hi Rajesh,

Both white rice and brown rice has their unique purpose, role and significance.The time of day, your individual goal, medical condition and lifestyle will dictate which one and when it will be of more use to you.

Brown rice is lower in calories and much higher in fibre, making it a great choice for those trying to lose weight. It is also a great choice of carbohydrates for those who have high blood sugar since it’s glycemic index is low it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels, making it very useful for diabetics.

White rice is much easier to digest, making it an excellent choice of carbohydrates for post workout for active individuals. For post workout one needs a quick absorbing source of carbohydrate and protein to begin and fuel the process of recovery. It is also a great choice of carbohydrate source for the sick and individuals with an irritated digestion since it’s easy on the stomach, digestion and absorption. For competing athletes, it’s a very good choice of energy for breakfast. The quicker the absorbability of nutrients in the morning, the quicker you halt the catabolic process the body undergoes during the course of the night.

In terms of nutrients, brown rice has a higher content. The fibre content is the main reason making brown rice a healthier choice.

Tshering Dorji
(Health & Fitness Guru. Three times Mr Bhutan) For queries email at


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