Road: Not even a month after being blacktopped, a 5.4km stretch of road between Takila and the Lhuentse main road junction in Menbi gewog is riddled with potholes and other damage.

Driver Tashi Dendup, who was on his way to see and get blessings of the Guru Nangsig Zoelnoen in Takila, said that the poor road condition was an indication that the responsible contractor had not blacktopped the road adequately.

Villager Karmala, who had observed the recently blacktopped road disintegrating, said that perhaps, the site engineer may not have followed specifications.

Menbi gup, Jurmey Tshewang, said the blacktopping had been carried out by the roads department and therefore the gewog had no say in the matter.

Three contractors had been responsible for blacktopping 14km of road from Lhuentse to Takila.

Site engineer, Galay, said that rectification of water bound macadam was carried out, a 150mm wet mix macadam also laid, and over it a premix carpeting of 25mm. Premixed sand as a sealing coat was also strewn over the road designed to carry 8MT of loads.

However, presence of subsurface water, as the area is surrounded by paddy field and heavy vehicles carrying loads heavier than the road’s capacity led to the damage, it was explained.

It was pointed out that following a meeting with the contractor, a granular sub base would be laid by the roads department, and water bound macadam works would be carried out by the contractor.

The company responsible, Gayjor construction, did not complete the task on time and the comapny had been working on penalty. The six-month contract period was awarded in November, last year.

As per the agreement between the roads department and the construction company, any maintenance or repair of damage is the contractor’s responsibilities for a year.

The roads department is currently laying a granular sub base in the area.

Tashi Phuntsho, Lhuentse