A roadblock at Sunkosh, which is about 20km away from Damphu towards Dagana, was cleared yesterday evening.

A flash flood at 3am yesterday caused the roadblock, waking up the Sunkosh town residents and stranding the commuters.

According to the Sunkosh’s flood warning in-charge, DP Rimal, the flash flood lasted until 8am.

He said that the water level read about 3.45ms, which is normal during summer. “This level is not risky. The flash flood occurred only in a small area near the bridge.”

He said that incessant rain in the past few days had caused the flash flood.

Commuters travelling to Dagana were stranded near the Sunkosh junction yesterday.

Department of Roads (DoR) officials said that works to clear the block began around 11am. “It took about two hours to clear the road where the debris was spread about 15ms wide and 0.4ms deep.”

Officials said that although the block was not major, the block was likely to occur again if there is a heavy downpour.

Rinchen Zangmo  | Tsirang