Basa  – 80gms

Local trout – 80gms

Norwegian smoked salmon  – 80gms

Local cheese  – 50gms

Cream cheese   – 50gms

Orange juice – 30ml

Salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice to taste

Black sesame for garnish

White sesame for garnish

Kaffir lime a piece, finely chopped

Watermelon to garnish

Baby herbs to garnish

Cherry tomato  few pieces


Marinate the Basa and the trout fillet using rock salt, sugar, and mint for overnight.

Take it out and wash. Make it pat dry. Remove the skin.

Arrange Trout, Basa and Norwegian smoked Salmon fillet in a tray. Slice all the fish to paper-thin size. Sprinkle with salt, black pepper, lemon juice and roll each of the sliced fish individually using the cream cheese and local cheese mixture.

Wrap it in a clean foil, keep in the fridge for 2-3 hours to set.

Take the fish rolls out. Cut each in a length of about 3 inches. Set it aside.

Make a dressing using orange juice and olive oil. Season to taste.

Arrange the pre-cut rolls on a serving plate as seen in the picture and garnish with black and white sesame seeds and baby herbs and dress with the orange dressing, cherry tomato, watermelon slices and kaffir lime.