Celebrations: As the morning warmth slowly descended upon Rongthong valley yesterday, Phuntsho Norbugang, the paternal ancestral home of Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, was in a festive mood.

Colorful flags were hoisted, tents were pitched and the ancestral home was decorated with Mentse dhars (scarves). Having hung up their spades, the community of Kanglung was slowly pouring in at Phuntsho Norbugang to celebrate birth of The Gyalsey.

A traditional archery match among the five chiwogs of Kanglung was also underway at Phuntsho Norbugang. Yesterday Thragom chiwogs took on Rongthong and Manthung in the Yangphel-style game.

According to gup Kinzang Dorji, the paternal uncle of The Gyaltsuen, the last Dzongpon (Tashigangpa) Thinley Tobgay, popularly known as Sey Dopola, constructed Phuntsho Norbugang during the time of the Second King.

As a teenager, Sey Dopola studied together with the Second King at the Wangdichoeling Palace in Bumthang. To pursue further studies, he opted to leave for Tibet. However, Sey Dopola was to return to Trashigang after coronation of the Second King.

Upon his return, Sey Dopola was appointed as the third Trashigang Dzongpon and was asked to settle at Thragom in Trashigang. However, he chose Rongthong and began the construction of Phuntsho Norbugang.

Sey Dopola had three daughters from his first wife. The youngest of the three daughters was the grandmother of The Gyaltsuen. Gup Kinzang is the son of Sey Dopola’s eldest daughter.

Kinzang Dorji hosted a lunch for the community of three chiwogs of Rongthong, Thragom and Manthung yesterday. Today, a lunch will be hosted for people of Yonphu Pam and Yonphula at Phuntsho Norbugang.

“After the Gyalsey’s birth, we have been receiving numerous phone calls from villagers. The very morning people were out hoisting lungar and offering prayers for The Gyalsey,” said Kinzang Dorji.

Rongthong villagers said they have been eagerly waiting for the news of The Gyalsey’s birth since His Majesty The King’s announcement during the 60th Birth anniversary celebrations in November last year.

“We thank His Majesty The King and The Gyaltsuen for this precious gift,” said Sangay Wangmo, a villager. “We have stopped all other activities to celebrate the occasion.”

A villager from Manthung, Chimi Zangmo, was at Choeten Kora when she heard about The Gyalsey’s birth. She immediately headed back for celebrations at Rongthong.

“I feel very blessed to have been a part of the coronation of The Fourth and The Fifth King in person. I pray to be around to witness the coronation of the Sixth King as well,” she said.

More than 100 villagers gathered at the Phuntsho Norbugang for the celebration.

Tshering Wangdi,  Trashigang