YK Poudel

Most building owners in Thimphu Thromde have completed roof-painting.

The thromde office recently issued a notification that said colouring of the roof should be completed before December 31, 2022. It further said that those failing to adhere to the notice would have to pay a penalty of Nu 50, 000.

According to the notification, government and institutional buildings should have red roofs and residential and commercial structures should have green roofs. This, the thromde said was being initiated for better classification of the buildings and for the beautification process.

Karma Wangchuk, a building owner, said that the initiative is good to have standardization in the housing structures. “Thromde should do a promotional announcement on why it is important to have such uniformity and convince the people rather than threatening building owners with a hefty penalty.”

Thimphu Thromde’s Compliance and Enforcement Division said the inspection was delayed due to the subsequent lockdowns.

Thromde official, Oma Pati Luitel, said that the thromde office is following up with the building owners and the status of the task.

There are over 6,500 buildings and homes in Thimphu Thromde. However, the roofs of only 150 buildings have been repainted so far.

Sonam Dhendup, a tenant at Changzamtog, said that the thromde’s initiative is adding unnecessary problems for building owners. “If they want the roof colour changed to suit their demand, I feel that the thromde should pay for it.”

One of the building owners in Norzin Lam said, “The thromde office has not answered the queries from building owners. I submitted my application for a deadline extension as the building is being renovated. However, the office has not responded so far.”