Phub Dem | Haa

Many a major activity in the country has been cancelled due to Covid-19 threats but, even so, the Royal Flower Exhibition in Haa is preparing the event in August. It is going to be a virtual treat.

Haa Dzongdag Kinzang Dorji said that the event would be designed to reduce overcrowding. “People can watch the exhibition live .”

The event is being planned with Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) and IT experts for social media coverage.

Kinzang Dorji said that the event would be the beginning of the major social event in the wake of the pandemic. “The event will be a new normal.”

The pandemic, Kinzang Dorji said, expanded the size and scope of exhibition sites.

Initially, the dzongkhag administration had planned the main event site near the dzongkhag administration office. Due to pandemic, however, Kinzang Dorji said that multiple exhibition sites were identified to avoid congestion.

The main exhibition sites include Lhakhang Karpo, Sombaykha Drungkhag, and dzongkhag administration office and herbal garden at old BHU besides school, institution and monasteries compounds.

The celebration will be an annual event in the dzongkhag.

Kinzang Dorji said that the exhibition’s unique feature of developing permanent infrastructures could promote ecotourism.

The event preparation is 85 percent complete.

Blacktopping of roads from Paro to Haa via Chelela, Lhakhang Karpo to the Haa town and Damthang has begun.

There will be health teams for the exhibition, flu screening points, and crowd management teams to ensure safety.