Nima Wangdi 

It was during one of the Covid-19 lockdowns in Wangdue in 2021 that Wangdi was at his home with five of his family members. He had also to host a stranded guest.

Grocery stocks began to deplete. With each passing day, he became more worried. Soon he ran out of stock. He had to ask around desperately, from his neighbours and friends.

He even called dzongkhag officials for help. There was hardly anything good coming his way until His Majesty The King announced critical support for the people in need as the pandemic raged on.

“I thank His Majesty The King for the kidu that helped my family in a difficult situation. I received rice, cooking oil, sugar, milk powder, tea leaves, salt, and much more,” Rinchen said.

Likewise, Tenzin in Yadi, Mongar also received rice, oil, milk powder, cheese, and salt as part of His Majesty The King’s kidu to the people. Tenzin had run out of food supplies and was worried how she would be able to feed her family.

The Dzongkhag Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu (DGRK) team immediately visited Tenzin’s house and delivered the essentials.

She said that His Majesty The King has been and will always remain her god and saviour. “I consider myself lucky to have been born in a country where a Dharma King rules.”

Another Kidu recipient, Jeet Bdr, said that he had just reached Wangdue from his village in Samtse. And the lockdown happened.

“We would have died without food were it not for the His Majesty The King’s kidu,” said Jeet Bdr. “I can never thank my King enough and also take this opportunity to wish my King a very happy birthday today.”

With the lockdown on, the daily wage for Jigme, a private employee living in Wangdue, stopped abruptly. He had a guest stranded at home. He also had his wife and a child to feed and take care of.

“I was in a very difficult position. I also had not paid rent for the previous month. Luckily, His Majesty The King’s kidu came and that helped me sail smoothly past the pandemic days,” said Jigme.

Jigme said that on this auspicious day of His Majesty The King’s birthday, today, “I sincerely offer my prayers for my King’s long life and good health,” Jigme said. “I wonder what would have been my situation had my King not come with the Royal Kidu for the people.”

As the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns shut down the country’s economy completely, vulnerable people—low-income groups, the elderly population, and the people with special needs— were gravely affected.

His Majesty The King initiated the special kidu for people right after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country on March 5, 2020.

A total of 4,127 applicants received the Royal Kidu for the period of four lockdowns in the country. Close to 15,000 people benefited from the Royal Kidu.