The Save the Children Fund (SCF) in Bhutan donated equipment worth Nu 0.6 million to the Royal Tutorial Project (RTP) to assist in the production of educational television programmes.

SCF National Director, MB Ghaley presented the equipment to the project office yesterday, in recognition of its services to the education of young people in Bhutan, a press release from the project states.

The RTP was set up some four years ago on the initiative of His Majesty The King to produce educational programmes on Science and Mathematics for broadcast on BBS. Since then the Project has produced almost a hundred programmes, each running 30 minutes and extended its coverage to include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English and other issues of educational value.

The RTP programmes seek to back up and broaden lessons learned in school, and in particular show the relevance of Science, Technology, English and Mathematics (STEM) to everyday life in Bhutan, and make school learning more interesting. The new equipment is expected to enable the RTP to enhance the visual and audio quality of its output.

Staff reporter