YK Poudel 

The days of motorcyclists with a penchant for loud exhaust sounds have come to end.

The Road Safety and Transport Authority yesterday issued a notification which says that, henceforth, riders will be monitored and have to pay a fine if found causing disturbances with loud exhaust sounds.

It is a fashion among bikers to modify exhaust pipes to make louder sounds.

According to an RSTA official, some motorbikes make noise that is excessive compared to what can be tolerated, which causes noise pollution and annoyance to the general population.

As per section 451 of Road Safety and Transport Regulation 2021, a person “shall not drive or allow a motor vehicle to be driven on a road that produces undue noise or noise beyond the permissible level set up by the National Environment Commission.”

To this effect, if motorbikes are found to be fitted with exhaust pipes, owners shall be penalised as per the RST Regulation 2021.

Workshop owners in Thimphu witness bikers coming to modify their exhaust pipes despite having to pay a fine of Nu 750, if caught by the police.

Pem Dorji, a mechanic, said that it is common among young to modify exhaust for louder sounds. “Mostly young boys come for exhaust modification. The number has increased over time.”

RSTA has asked the automobile workshop owners not to entertain the request for the modification of exhaust pipes.