Royal Textile Academy (RTA) in collaboration with a freelance photographer, Karma Jigme held an exhibition titled Moen-lam in Thimphu yesterday.

Karma Jigme, 36, said that he wanted to use the concept of photography to pay tribute to His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo. “I started from Punakha with the picture of Je Khenpo  and his blessing, and the last picture was that of a grandmother who lived in Thimphu.”

He said that the tribute was not only for the Fourth Druk Gyalpo’s 60th birth anniversary but also for the times to come in the future.

“Citizens from all walks of life paused for a moment from their daily lives, sharing the same Tashi Khadar blessed by the Je Khenpo.”

About 5,385 pictures were captured during the project in 2015, all of which were displayed at the academy’s gallery.

Karma Jigme said that faces are the manifestations of life and that the single khaddar (scarf) symbolises purity.

A pictorial book had also been published as part of the project. The exhibition will be open to public for about three months.

Rinchen Zangmo