… more people are turning up for common forums in Sarpang

Lhakpa Quendren| Gelephu

Politicking at the local level has gained momentum in Sarpang and more voters are turning up for common forums.

After attending the common forum at the Chhuzanggang, Tashi Rinchen, 66, scans the election board where candidates have their pledges.

“I have already decided on my candidate,” says Tashi. “We must elect capable candidates. Ultimately voters should benefit.”

Public debates have been very useful for the voters.

Dorji Wangchuck, 55, says he would vote for the candidate who understands the problems facing the people. “As an aspiring NC candidate, there is no use making pledges. We want someone who can represent the voters well in Parliament.”

People are catching up with relatives and family members after attending the common forums. Perhaps, they have serious issues here.

For Sonam Lhamo, 39, whom to vote for has been a tough decision. “As for myself, I have already decided. But I do not want to influence my family members. It is important that they decide on their own.”

Ajang, 74, has decided to vote for a matured and experienced candidate. He has found one.

Tshering Pelden, 19, thinks her candidate would make an ideal representative.

However, many people still harbour doubts and misgivings about the promises politicians make during election campaigns.

A woman from Nyimaling-Shawapong Chiwog said that she did not trust election promises. “If candidates are to be judged by their pledges, there are many candidates who can talk too much.”

She said many politicians promised to construct a bridge over Moakhola. “Nothing has happened so far.”