Postal ballot facilitation booths in Samdrupjongkhar that remained open for three days from April 12 to 14 saw a voter turnout of 73 percent. 

The five polling booths saw 1,891 of the 2,575 registered voters turning up to cast their ballots. 

The booth at Samdrupjongkhar MSS saw 882 voters of the 1,239 registered. Among them 420 were male and 462 female. 

At the polling booth at the dzongkhag prison, nine of the 10 registered voted. All were male. 

The polling booth set up at Jigme Namgyel Engineering College in Dewathang saw 395 male and 241 female voters of the 814 registered voters. 

Jomotshangkha polling station saw 42 male and 58 female voters. There are 130 registered voters. Samdrupchholing drungkhag’s polling station at Phuntshothang MSS had 150 male and 166 female voters. There are 382 registered voters for that polling station.

Meanwhile, in preparation for the poll day, a team of polling officials for Jomotshangkha drungkhag has already left with the election equipment on April 12. 

Election officials said 100 polling officials designated for the 14 polling stations in three gewogs of Lauri, Serthi and Langchenphu left with 28 voting machines (two machines for each station) ahead of time, because of the uncertainty of the border roads. 

The drungkhag’s road connectivity passes through Assam in India.

Meanwhile, a two-day refreshers’ course for polling officials in Samdrupjongkhar began at two separate places since yesterday. There are 260 officials of eight gewogs attending the course conducted at Samdrupjongkhar town, and 100 at Jomotshangkha dungkhag premise. 

The course ends today.

Tshering Namgyal | Samdrupjongkhar