Choki Wangmo | Dagana

With the completion of water project on May 27 in Dagana, the challenges related to water shortage in four chiwogs in Lhamoidzingkha is expected to be resolved soon.

The water project worth Nu 31 million will benefit 3,000 residents of Lhamoidzingkha, Kuendrelthang, Loongsilsa, and Chongsamling chiwogs.

According to project officials, the project includes three-metre-deep two water tanks which is a reinforced cement concrete tank for sedimentation and water transmission lines.

As part of the water flagship programme, the project was executed by the government in collaboration with the de-suung national service. A total of 105 de-suups were engaged in the project for the past one year.

A de-suup who had volunteered for the first time in such projects said that despite challenges from weather conditions, he learnt new skills. “It was difficult in the beginning, but we have acclimatised as the project progressed.”

Residents of these four chiwogs used underground water, which was unsafe and insufficient. With the erratic power supply, residents said that using water pumps was challenging too.

Lhamoidzingkha Gup Surja Bdhr Limbu said that the challenge was further intensified by increasing population, development, elephant menace, and heavy monsoon.

With the new project, residents are hopeful.

Lhamoidzingkhag drungkhag’s focal engineer for the project, Mahesh Lepcha, said the water source at Beteni had high calcium (lime) content, which without sedimentation, was unsafe and also damaged kitchen equipment. “During monsoon, the problem increased.”

He said that there were some issues in water distribution, causing shortage.

Since its establishment in 2020, there are 26 water supply projects under the de-suung national water service project.