DT: Local leaders and the members of the dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) in Samdrupjongkhar declared Samdrupcholing as the yenlag thromde yesterday.

Lauri gup Pema Dorji argued that thromde should be in Jomotsangkha because the dungkhag was less developed compared with Samdrupcholing.  Martshala gup Yenten Dorji said that it would be cheaper for the government to establish a thromde in Samdrupcholing.

Eight members voted for Jomotsangkha and 10 for Samdrupcholing.

Samdrupcholing was proposed as a yenlag thromde after dzongkhags were notified by the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (MoWHS) to prepare for the declaration of dzongkhag and yenlag thromdes to be deliberated in the next upcoming session of Parliament.

The government directed the MoWHS to initiate preparatory works for declaration of dzongkhags and yenlag thromdes, with the aim to promote balanced development in the country.

Samdrupcholing dungkhag has four gewogs – Phuntshothang, Samrang, Pemathang and Martshala.  Langchenphu, Serthi and Lauri up make Jomotsangkha dungkhag.

By Yangchen C Rinzin,  Samdrupjongkhar