Pemagatshel has 25 gup candidates

Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

Of the nine former gups in Samdrupjongkhar who intended to recontest, only eight sailed through the dhamngoi zomdu.

The former gup of Serthi gewog did not get through the dhamngoi zomdu. Former gups of Orong and Lauri gewogs did not contest in the dhamngoi zomdu.

The dzongkhag has 31 gup candidates.

Pemathang and Orong gewogs have the highest nominees for the gup with four each, while Langchenphu gewog has only one gup candidate.

Gomdar and Samrang gewogs have two nominees for the gup, while Wangphu, Phuentshothang, Dewathang, Serthi, Martsala and Lauri gewogs have three nominees each for the gup post.

Karma Dema, Leki Wangchuk and Sangay Pelzang will contest for the gup from Dewathang gewog, Guman Singh Gaylal will contest from Langchenphu gewog and Tshewang Tenzin, Ngawang Chophel and Kinzang Dorji will contest from Serthi gewog.

In Lauri gewog, Rinzin Dorji, Tenzin and Jigme Tenzin will contest for gup post. Sangay Wangchuk, Yenten Dorji and Sonam Zangpo will contest from Martsala gewog and Sonam Tshering and Karchung will contest in Gomdar gewog.

Dhak Bahadur Rai, Pema Lekso, Nandi Pokhrel and Madhukar Subba will contest for the gup from Pemathang gewog and in Phuentshothang gewog, Yadu Nath Tiwari, Jamyang Gyeltshen and Phuntsho Phuntsho will contest.

Jigme Singay Drukpa and Tarabir Bista will contest in Samrang gewog and Cheki Dorji, Dorji Singye, Pema Gyalpo and Sangay Dorji in Orong. In Wangphu gewog, Tsheten Dorji, Sangay Tenzin and Jigme Tenzin will contest.

The dhamngoi zomdu in Samdrupjongkhar ended on November 17.

Meanwhile, Pemagatshel dzongkhag has about 25 gup candidates from the 11 gewogs.

Shumar gewog has four gup candidates, the highest in the dzongkhag. Chhokhorling, Dechhenling and Norboogang gewogs have three nominees each, while Nanong and Chhimoong gewogs have one each.

Dungmaed, Khar, Chongshing, Zobel and Yurung gewogs nominated two candidates each.

Sonam Jamtsho is the gup candidate in Nanog gewog, Sangay Chophel, Tshering Phuntsho, Gembo Dorji, and Sonam Dhendup will contest from Shumar gewog. Pema Dorji and Namkha Dorji are gup candidates in Chimoong gewog.

Pema Dorji and Sonam Choden will contest for gup post in Zobel gewog, Tsheltrim Dorji, Kinzang Rabten and Jampel Dorji in Chhokhorling gewog and Sherab Jamtsho, Jampay Yeshi and Jimpa Phuntsho in Dechhenling gewog.

Kinley Dorji, Tshering Wangdi and Jamyang Wangchuk will contest in Norboogang gewog, Choki Thinley and Sonam Dorji in Dungmaed gewog and Ngajay Dorji and Jamtsho will contest from Khar gewog. In Yurung gewog, Kinga Dupjur and Sangay Thinley are the gup candidates.

Most of the gup candidates are former gups, mangmis, farmers, private employees and graduates.

The dhamngoi zomdu for the gups in the chiwogs of the 11 gewogs ended on November 16.

According to the Election Commission of Bhutan’s (ECB) notification, candidates would have to file their nominations by November 22.

Edited by Tashi Dema