The number of people who turned out to vote through the facilitation booths in Samtse increased compared to the primary round.

A total 3,936 people cast their ballots at facilitation booths in the last three days, which is 82.1 percent voter turnout, an increase from primary round’s 78.4 percent turnout.

There were 4,795 registered voters this time, which is a slight increase from 4,776 voters in the primary round. People voted from four polling booths and one mobile booth.

In the primary round last month, there were a total of 4,776 registered voters. About 3,746 voters voted and 1,030-registered voters did not show up.

The change in the number of total registered voters, according to election officials was due to voters switching the voting procedures.

Both conventional postal voters and facilitation postal voters were allowed to switch to either of the procedure to vote. Postal ballot voters were also allowed voting at the EVM but EVM voters are not able to switch to other voting procedures.

eanwhile, 83.6 percent of the total women voters showed up to cast their votes during the last three days. In total, 2,351 women cast their votes from the facilitation booths across Samtse, while 460 did not turn up.

Right from the first day, more women had come to vote.

Among those voters were two students of Samtse Higher Secondary School (SHSS) who had come to cast their votes for the first time. They were registered under SHSS polling station.

A class XI student, Sonam Cheki, 18, said she was voting for the first time in the general round election. “I also cast my vote during the primary round,” she said. “It was an exciting moment.”

Sonam Cheki, who is from Bumthang said she voted with the purpose to have the right government, a government that should work for the welfare of the people. Welfare, she said, was to fulfill people’s wishes.

Another student, Norbu Chachen from Pemagatshel said she took her own decision to vote for the right party and there was no influence from the parents.

“Democracy for me is to vote for the right party,” she said.

There were 1,984 registered male voters in Samtse but 1,585 of them turned up to exercise their voting franchise. This makes up 79.8 percent voter turnout.

Rajesh Rai | Samtse