Promoting agriculture and tourism sectors and reducing unemployment in the country are three major areas, Samtse’s National Council (NC) aspirant Ngawang Nidup, 27, would focus on if he wins a seat in the upcoming National Council (NC) election.

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Royal Thimphu College (RTC), he has worked with the Le Meridien’s (Thimphu) front office department.

“However, I realised my true calling was in community service and to work with people to make a difference in their lives,” Ngawang Nidup said. “The time is now.”

Advancement and modernisation of agriculture sector is the need of the hour, Ngawang Nidup said, adding that he pledges full support and commitment to the farming community that sustains more than 70 percent of the employed.

As a legislative body, he said that there is scope to guide and frame policies that would provide lucrative financial incentives to encourage farmers to grow cash crops, vegetables, and do organic farming.

“Boosting tourism in the southern belt would help people improve socio-economically,” he said. “Lhops and their rural homes, rich forests and wildlife are great tourist attractions.”

Since Samtse is abundant of human resources, the NC hopeful also said that an immediate attention and focus is required in skill building. Training and skill building along with robust and sustainable plans to increase commerce and industry will help offset the rise in unemployment, the RTC graduate said.

Ngawang Nidup said he is contesting with the realisation that it is a big responsibility.

“My zeal and dedication will yield returns that are vested in the development of people and community,” he said. “I cannot achieve unless I have people’s support.”

Rajesh Rai | Thimphu