Neten Dorji | Kanglung

It is almost noon. Sangtu, 60, drives up from Rongthong to Kanglung. He does this every day.

“Milk, fresh milk!” he shouts. In the back of a van, as always, he’s got dairy products.

When a customer appears he parks the van carefully by the roadside, opens the container and goes about his business.  Then he goes around town and Sherubtse College.

Sangtu buys milk from his neighbours if he hasn’t enough. “I don’t have to worry about market. It is a good business.”

He earns about Nu 80,000 a month. He also supplies milk and dairy products to Jampeling Central School.

Sangtu and his wife Yeshi Choden decided to start dairy business in 2009 because of growing demand in Kanglung.

He said it involved hard work but it was worth it.

A restaurant owner, Bikash Gautam, buys more than 10 litres of milk from Sangtu every day.

“Milk is fresh and clean,” he said. “We need not go all the way to Rongthong to buy milk. He is doing well because he is mobile. It’s a very convenient way of doing business.”