Sarpang police will forward the case of the soldier, who allegedly raped a nine-year-old student in Gelephu to the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) today.

Police officials say the case was registered as ‘statutory rape’ although the medical report stated that there was no redness or sign of penetration and that the hymen was intact.

Officials explained that it has been registered as statutory rape and not attempt to rape because medical report stated that there was no sign of penetration since the girl was brought to the hospital late.

The girl was brought to hospital two weeks after the incident happened on May 12.

Police officials said medical report did not rule out that there was no penetration but stated they could not find signs of penetration because of time lapse.

The 46 year-year-old soldier confessed to police that he tried to penetrate but failed.

“There were several wounds on the minor’s genital, which were almost healed when she was taken to the hospital,” a police official said. “While the medical report could not confirm penetration, we’ve been advised by the hospital to consider circumstantial evidence.”

A medical examination confirmed that the accused is not infected with genital herpes. During the medical examination earlier, the minor was diagnosed with this disease.

Genital herpes is a disease that is transmitted through sexual contact and is detected by physical examination in most cases.

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The minor’s mother said that she treated her daughter with herbal medicines at home for two weeks. “When the excessive discharge and wound did not heal, I sought medical help,” she said.

Meanwhile, people in the locality where the incident occurred are following the case closely.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang