As part of environment day celebration this year, a competition was held among dzongkhags and thromdes to encourage waste management initiatives for environment protection. The dzongkhags and thromdes were judged on activities carried out over the last one year. Kuensel will publish a series on the initiatives taken since June 4, 2017 – June 4.


What activities were carried out carry out to address waste management issues?

Mass Cleaning

Road Show

  • Voluntary Pledge to not use plastic bags for shopping
  • Exhibition of products made from waste
  • Showcasing of skit on ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’
  • Debate on ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’
  • Essay Competition on Beat Plastic Pollution

Pedestrian Day

Aerobics and awareness on promoting healthy lifestyle

Cycle ride to promote cycling as an alternative non-motorized mode of transport

Donation of old foot wears

Collection of e-waste

Which single activity do you feel shall serve as an example to be replicated in other dzongkhags?

The Dzongkhag has prepared its Waste Management Strategy in 2017. Some of the environmental initiatives from July 2017 – June 2018 by the dzongkhag administration are:

  • Annual community Education on Waste Management
  • Segregation
  • Adoption of roads and streams
  • Purchase of dustbins
  •  Installation of CCTV to monitor waste
  • Monthly Cleaning
  • Biannual Mass Cleaning
  • Site specific cleanings
  • Waste management from public transport services
  • Operation of waste processing facilities
  • Collection of used cartridges
  • Development of Etho Metho Garden at Chamkhar

What are your future plans and activities?

Practice separate collection of dry and wet waste within Thromde area

Setting up of e-waste collection or drop-off center in Thromde area

Establish composting unit by Druk Green Waste Management at Garpang

Skills development on recycled waste products

Incentivise Clean Gewog/Thromde annually to encourage sound waste management initiative;

Pitching sign boards and procurement of additional dustbins

Set up of basic Material Recovery Facility

Fencing and site development of existing waste disposal site at Kikila and convert it into an engineered landfill site;

Develop guidelines and codes of best practices for waste management

Conduct continued awareness on waste management among the people in the dzongkhag.


What activities were carried out carry out to address waste management issues?

Waste stakeholder meetings among agencies to sensitize on the waste situations including appraisals in the series of DT meetings

Waste advocacy and clean-up campaigns along Thimphu-Phuentsholing Highway and in towns

Signboard installation along Thimphu-Phuentsholing Highway

Development of waste offence token receipt and enforcement within Yenlag Thromde.

Waste advocacy during Annual Tshechhu Celebration and WED Celebration, 2018.

 Which single activity do you think shall serve as an example to be replicated in other Dzongkhags?

Advocacy along highway and enforcement of waste act may be replicated in other Dzongkhags.

What are your future plans and activities?

Come up with a comprehensive waste management strategy for Chukha Dzongkhag (awaiting final endorsement).

Establish mobile waste inspectors along highway and in towns to improve enforcement of Waste Act and its Regulations.

Continue waste advocacy programmes along the highway and in all the gewogs involving schools administrations and other key stakeholders.

Construct waste drop off centers and waste signage installation along Thimphu-Phuentsholing Highway.

Reduce the use of plastics through various other greener alternative options.

Any other related plans/programs.